M3Media Productions LLC

Meet Our Team
Video Production & Licensed Aerial Photography in CT​

Owner & Operator: Michele

Cinematographer, Editor & Licensed Drone Pilot

Manager & Assistant: Katie

Photographer, Editor & Graphic Designer


Michele is Italian for Michael

"Mike" received his Bachelor's degree in Video Production in 2009. He started off as a kid, filming friends riding dirt bikes, invoking a passion for documenting extreme energy.
Before shifting gears to start M3MediaPro in 2016, Michele worked in Computer Repair, Web Design, and Real Estate Marketing. He's constantly learning new skills, expanding his unique, artistic style.

Tech Savvy

Mike has an A+ PC Certification from the Connecticut Computer School and has built numerous high performance workstations. A fast PC is paramount for editing 4K videos with special effects.


At a luxury Real Estate Marketing agency, he multi-tasked as lead Real Estate Cinematographer, Editor, Drone Videographer, & Web Manager. He has a vast skill-set; constantly challenging himself to outperform.


When not confined to the editing station, Mike enjoys reading nonfiction books, permaculture gardening, exploring nature, and riding motocross.

Flying RC planes & helicopters has always been a family hobby.
By the time drones arrived circa 2015, Michele already had vast experience flying remote aircraft.
He is confident in his piloting abilities as a CT drone photographer to get the best footage, safely.


Creative Soul

"KT" grew up with an appreciation for all things art - her passions have always been photography & painting.

She began with film photography in the 90's and has been evolving with the changing technology.
In College, Katie studied Studio Art, Graphic Design, Interior Design & Architecture.

She spent 10 years as a Professional Tattoo Artist, dabbling in photography and design along the way.

Eye for Color

Katie's photography style mimics her design work - crisp details, balanced composition, and vibrant tones. She easily spots imperfections; making her the "M3Media Pro" of quality control.

Positive Energy

Katie is always aware of her surroundings and considers herself a very strong empath. Listening to her intuition, she commonly finds herself in the right place at the right time.


She loves knitting, gardening, learning new plant-based recipes, and bonding with all walks of life. Her favorite CT photography subjects are native flowers, mushrooms, insects, and animals.

In 2016, she joined efforts with Michele to create a full-service Multi Media Marketing Business in CT.
She has created numerous logo designs, websites, photographs & video projects for M3Media's amazing clients.
We specialize in Real Estate,Business, and Event Promotion in Litchfield County, CT.

-- Serving Fairfield County and Litchfield County CT --