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M3Media Productions LLC

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CT Real Estate Photography & Video

Magazine Quality Photos

Customizable Packages with Interior & Exterior Photos, Twilight Photography, or Aerial Real Estate Photography in CT.

4K Drone Video

Personalized Real Estate Video Packages with included Drone Video, optional Town Feature Highlights, and Special Effects.

Staging to Sell

We take extra care with our Real Estate photography because we want you to sell!

Our team will guide the Realtor and homeowner to ensure the home is properly staged before we take any photos.

Lighting & Composition

Low quality Real Estate photography results in a home looking dull, boring, perhaps even cramped.

Our Professional CT Real Estate Photography makes rooms feel happier and look bigger.

Real Estate Photographer Before
Twilight Photography AfterTwilight Photography Before

Advanced Techniques

Attract buyers to your listings with HD Twilight and aerial Real Estate photography.

Our Real Estate Photographer, Katie, uses Professional editing techniques to enhance our images.

Real Estate Drone Photography

M3Media Productions offers Licensed & Insured Professional Aerial Real Estate Photography and Video in CT.

Our Drone PhotographerMike, has a BA in Video Production and has been confidently operating remote aircraft since childhood. 

FAA Drone license
FAA Licensed & Insured
Why have a license?
Real Estate Drone Photography AfterReal Estate Drone Photography Before

Advanced Photo Editing included in Premium & Luxury Packages. 

Attention to Detail

Carefully planned Aerial Real Estate photography helps to minimize eyesores.  

In post-production, we shade distracting areas – and brighten the focal point.

Quick Turnaround

Depending on the number of photos needed, drone flights generally take less than one hour. 

We provide a 72 hour or less turnaround for all Aerial Real Estate photography.

We combine licensed, royalty-free music with dramatic camera angles to help buyers visualize the lifestyle.

Lifestyle Real Estate Videos

Using a stabilized 4K camera and unique editing styles, our Real Estate videos are proven to engage viewers.

Our Real Estate videos always employ drone video  to accentuate the landscape and architecture.

Highlight Features

When hunting for their dream house, buyers don’t want to watch long videos, especially “walkthroughs.”

Our luxury Real Estate videos showcase the most important highlight features in 3 minutes or less.

Real Estate Videos

Add custom 2D or 3D text instead of distracting narrations or interviews.

Real Estate Videos

Add Custom 3D Property Intro Titles to any Video Package.

Customer Satisfaction

All video packages include Branded and Unbranded (MLS) versions, drone footage, aerial photos, and a video clip for social media marketing.

Clients have the opportunity for a final review privately online.

Real Estate Drone Video

Tour the property with FAA Licensed and Insured aerials.  Our Real Estate videos are an impressive way to stand out!

Elevate your perspective!

Real Estate Videos

All Video Packages include 2 Town Features!

FAA Drone license
FAA Licensed & Insured
Why have a license?

Experienced pilot & Producer

It's not the vehicle, it's the driver

Mike at M3Media Productions has a Drone Pilot license and a degree in Video Production.

 He is in charge of all aerial operations, drone video, ground stabilized video, and editing; creating fluid Real Estate videos.

Go viral!

Using eye-catching drone video, our professionally edited productions serve as a commercial for Realtors. 

Real Estate Drone Video

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